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Disclaimer: NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED; THE VIDEO AS WELL IS NOT VULGAR AND OFFENSIVE. DON'T WATCH IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT. SIMPLE. My previous video was flagged, it was just a light kiss though. I don't understand why is it like that? In which, there are more videos on youtube which are more vulgar and sexual than these videos of mine. Review: Unfortunately, the English subtitles for this movie are unavailable; I tried my best effort to look for it but it's in Chinese and Vietnamese subs as for the moment. As you have noticed, I haven't posted the third sequel of Takumi-kun since it is not available as well. However, I'm going to give review for this last part of the series which is the Ano, Hareta Aozora (That, Sunny Blue sky). Though I don't exactly understand the film, (which I should rewatch it as soon as the Eng Subs are available) Takumi and Gii didn't fail me to feel passionate about the series. It always gives me shivers and a romantic feeling to both of them. First, I was frustrated since the English subtitles are still not released or completed, and second, I'm sad since I know this is the last part of the series already! I wish I would be able to see the manga / comic book soon! By the way, this Finale of the Takumi-kun Series has exceeded my expectations! HOT and PASSIONATELY SEXY kisses by these two promising characters! Not only once, nor twice, but theres more than you have expected for them to have. I'm gonna miss them for sure! Enjoy!