Trans men respond to Houston’s anti-LGBTI law in the best way possible

Trans men respond

‘Revenge of the trans men’ may sound like the title of a bad ‘50’s B-movie, but in Houston, it is the campaign which proved that idiotic decisions have consequences.

After Houston voted to do away with its anti-discrimination HERO equality ordinance, the call went out to trans men all over the United States to launch a huge invasion of public bathrooms for female in Houston.

The right of trans people to use the restroom of their expressed gender has been rejected, it appears now that trans men now have an absolute legal right to be in the ladies’ room , at least in Houston.

The originally idea for the invasion, kicked off by trans man Michael Hughes, has surfaced on blogs all over the United States, with one leading trans blogger with over 8,000 Facebook shares in a one day.

Houston missed out the chance to host college football title games for the next three years. It is still not possible to determine whether this is a direct consequence of Houston’s decision to rid itself of anti-discrimination legislation.

However, there was a strong chance that Houston would legalize discrimination ,the awarding body – the College Football Playoffs Administration – would have known in advance .

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Posted on February 18, 2016

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