Rob Halford, An Openly Gay Man In Metal World


Rob Halford is an openly gay man in metal world, and that is not a secret, but he was always mysterious about his interests and desires as a gay man. In an interview with the OC Weekly, he opened up about his affinity for US Marine Corps.


In the interview, a reporter noticed that he had an affinity for US Marine Corps pins and asked him what about the Marines he is drawn to. The reporter didn’t expect this answer.


Rob Halford responded: “Oh my god, this could be a book. There are two sides of this question to me. One of it is based on all of the things people in military represent, which is the simple fact of keeping us safe in this troubled world.”


“There is something very potent and personal and very deep about that conviction, discipline and dedication which I love about their service.”


Everything seems fine and normal, but what Halford said next was quite interesting:


“I’m going to stop here, and go into a completely different direction and tell you that as a gay man, the United States Marine Corps has been very attractive to me. There is something very sensual about that branch of the military and.. this is great because I don’t really know where my mind is going.”


He continued: “I think the Marine Corps also has a sense of masculinity. In my own journey as a gay guy in a straight band and a gay guy in a straight world and a metal world, I found the connection again through the Marine Corps.”

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Posted on February 16, 2016

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