Mawaan Rizwan: How Gay Is Pakistan?


It may come as a surprise to some that in some countries, being gay is illegal and can even result in a death sentence.

In Pakistan, homosexuality is punishable by being stoned to death and considered to be a disease by some.

However, despite living in constant fear of retribution, British YouTube comedian and presenter Mawaan Rizwan discovers there are still people who bravely live their homosexual lives openly. He meets some of them tonight in ‘How Gay is Pakistan?’ on BBC Three.

He’s no stranger to some of the problems they face as he came out himself to his Pakistani parents last year and the response was not good.

As well as meeting some people who live openly gay lives, Mawaan explores whether the fears of the country’s gay community are justified, and discovers a fascinating world behind closed doors.

Here, homosexuality is discussed and practised in private more than he ever thought. He also discovers a thriving scene of poor heterosexual men who have sex with each other because they can’t afford a female prostitute.

At the other extreme, the programme shows harrowing scenes of a young gay boy being attacked by a mob and also a man who offers to cure Mawaan of his homosexuality.

How Gay is Pakistan is scheduled for broadcast October 20 at 9pm on BBC 3.

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