Gay couple on How To Get Away With Murder to navigate living with HIV


When How To Get Away With Murder’s gay couple Connor and Oliver got tested for HIV towards the end of the show’s first season, it seemed that the very promiscuous law student Connor was the one at most risk.

But it turned out that computer nerd Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) was the one who tested positive while Connor (Jack Falahee) did not. Show creator Peter Norwalk sees the twist as an opportunity to offer viewers a storyline about living with HIV in 2015.

‘Our goal is to treat that in a very realistic and contemporary way,’ Norwalk tells Entertainment Weekly. ‘How do you live with an HIV positive gay man as a boyfriend?’

Connor initially hooked up with Connor early last season to use him for his tech skills. Oliver developed feelings for him but broke things off when he discovered Connor had slept with someone else to get information.

But after Connor and his classmates become entangled in the murder of their law professor’s husband, he ran back to Oliver and was able to eventually win him back.

‘We take it to places I hope viewers don’t expect coming,’ Norwalk promises. ‘Especially now that Oliver is a huge security blanket in Connor’s life and a necessary balance to all the murder.’

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Posted on February 1, 2016

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