Brick + Mortar features a gay soldier returning home in “Hollow Tune” video


Brandon Asraf and John Tacon, the alt-pop band Brick + Mortar, made an emotional music video that features a gay veteran protecting another man from a potential hate crime.


They wanted to tell a touching and inspiring mini story, for their single “Hollow Tune”. The video shows a gay veteran soldier, supported by one of his fellow soldiers, but then he must stop a potential hate crime towards a gay man in the bar after he returns.


Brandon and John told Out: “We make music for people who believe in equality and acceptance for everyone regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or belief. This song was written about love to say: “You’re not alone, I’m not alone,” to the one you love. Love is love period.”


Rosco Guerrero of Blurred Films (the company that made the video), stated: “We trashed three full scripts in process of finding the story for the Hollow Tune video. Ultimately, it was comments from people stating how the song had changed their lives or helped them get through tough times, how this piece of music had a profound effect on their very existence.”


He also added: “The words “you’re not alone” became so central. I knew we had to create a story representing characters that are underrepresented and in turn speak to all people underrepresented. People that may be struggling to find or accept their identity or circumstances.”

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Posted on January 29, 2016

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