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Are we born straight or gay? - Making of Me: John Barrowman - as long as he has been aware of his sexuality, Torchwood's John Barrowman has been convinced that he was born As John battles with a battery of brain tests designed to see how straight and gay brains differ, can scientists prove his theory that a person's sexuality isn't a choice? Interesting clip from the BBC science series Making of Watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Worldwide YouTube channel here: Making Of California Gays, Peacock, & We R Who We making of California Gays! The making of Peacock! The making of We R Who We R! These are all long Ryan's Twitter: Facebook: Gays of the Week: Google+: PERRY TURNED ME GAY?? (The Making Of "The One That Turned You HERE for the ACTUAL VIDEO! *Send letters to: 3727 Magnolia Blvd #712 Burbank, CA 91505 *Branding, Media, & General Business Inquiries: The Collective *Film & Television Agent: William Morris Endeavor (310) 285-9000 ___ Thanks To: Totally Sketch (director) Joe Aztech (MADE THIS BTS VID) Jerid Yaw (crew/props) Teresa Yaw (crew/props) Starring (in no order) Ian Kanzler (little Shane) Bree Essrig Liz Burghdorf Kristin Findley Alicia Something Steve Greene Arthur Bedran Lisa Schwartz Mike Anderson STRIPPERS Trisha Paytas Janell Burgess Jordan Clark-Van Brunt Joey Herman Amber Gilbert Alara Ceri Karen Maiko Priscilla Rosenthal Piano Instrumental by TAGS shanedawsontv the one that got away katy perry music video spoof shanedawsontv2 gay shane funny Obama is Making Kids Video! Obama is making kids gay by Caiden President has announced his support for homosexuality, and I am going after