gay naked river – Nude Bronze Boys Male Nude Art: Cornish Gay Homophobia


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Nude Bronze Boys Male Nude Art: Cornish Gay BLOG* Male Nude Sculpture Due to the relentless HOMOPHOBIC VENDETTA run by Devon & Cornwall Constabulary (assisted by Intercom Trust) against me since 2004, started by DC WOODS (retired) & continued & contributed too by numerous other corrupt, dishonest, criminal & homophobic named & identified police officers in witness statements, suppressed by police, which has resulted in:- # my being violently assaulted twice, # my home raided twice, # my businesses destroyed, # an attempted fraud against me, # an attempted extortion against me, # my vehicles smashed up on my own property, # theft from our property # my 77yr old mother & her tenant being verbally abused by police officers # my 77yr old mother being threatened with my arrest unless she allowed police forced access to her A WARRANT! # my arrest on what has now been acknowledged in writing as a FALSE ALLEGATION by police # two attempted suicides as a DIRECT RESULT of Cornwall police homophobic attitudes & practises # DEATH threats # threats of physical violence # trauma, emotional & financial hardship caused DIRECTLY by homophobic attitudes & practises of Cornwall police officers ALL of the above homophobic hate crime incidents instigated against me, my family, my mothers tenants & friends as a DIRECT RESULT of the HOMOPHOBIC attitudes & practises of the HOMOPHOBIC SCUM in the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary since 2004 & the continued protection of such police Lads get wet and in Slane A nice day out fishing with the whole I explore a haunted Hot Chili Peppers: Naked in the Hot Chili Peppers- San Francisco 31 Hogs - The Gay My (non WH related intro) has the F word in it, and during WH, you see a man's If you can't handle that, don't Its the same guy who plays Cox!!